Carolyn Whelan

Writer, Editor, Analyst

About Me

Carolyn Whelan’s strengths lie in spotting nascent developments and pointing to their relevance as a cautionary tale or potential opportunity for countries or companies.

She is currently a senior editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) where she identifies emerging trends, analyzes their implications and oversees research programs on public policy topics including jobs, health, cities and the environment. In this role, Ms Whelan has forged relationships with a number of foundations including those of the Rockefeller, Citi and United Nations. Her work in areas as such as youth unemployment and the changing landscape of work have been widely referenced and quoted.

Prior to joining the EIU, Ms Whelan contributed articles to Fortune, Newsweek, The International Herald Tribune and on economic and geopolitical topics including real estate arbitrage, retirement hot spots, women’s work in Latin America, Brazil’s looming crisis and low-cost therapy in Argentina. She has also written pieces about reimagining medical technology as a tool to cut costs and grow the reach of services to the home-based elderly. Earlier Ms Whelan covered healthcare for Dow Jones Newswires in Paris and technology for Barron’s Online, and a number of social justice topics as a writer for the United Nations, Columbia Business School, Ernst & Young and the World Wildlife Fund.

Ms Whelan earned a Masters in Journalism from Columbia Journalism School and holds degrees in Communications and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. She is a Columbia 2016 Ageboom Fellow and 2006 Knight-Bagehot Fellow.

Ms Whelan broke into journalism covering the Earth Summit in Rio. Her broad experience and exposure to many issues, countries and sources help her spot unique attention-grabbing angles on well-trodden topics for prescient reports and research programs.