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Economist Intelligence Unit

  • Higher education - What's it worth? [text / image]
  • Visionaries Unbound: Global leaders weigh in on the future of cities, jobs, the environment and planetary health [text / image]
  • Small business efforts to hire young people in the US [text / image]
  • Technology and its impact on transportation [text / image]
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  • Brewing a better beer for Africa [text / image]
  • Is the party about to end in Brazil? [text / image]
  • Upwardly mobile: MIT professor speaks out on transit, technology in emerging economies [text / image]
  • China's New Frontier: Telecom in South America [text / image]
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International Herald Tribune
  • Google's chief of environmental policy explains strategy [image]
  • Former mayor of Bogotá leaves his mark on many cities [text]
  • The next big thing: Battery-powered bikes [image]
  • Brazil is driving a revival in sugar cane fuel [text]
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Scientific American
  • Taut-Tech: Smaller, Softer Artificial Muscles to Help Bring Power to Toys and Cell Phones [text / image]
  • The Doctor Is Out, but New Patient Monitoring and Robotics Technology Is In [text / image]
  • How to Reduce Car-Made Pollution? Tune Up the Existing Technology [image]
  • Blooms Away: The Real Price of Flowers [image]
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Newsweek International Town & Country Travel Wall Street Journal Europe
  • CAC-40 Index May See Shuffle [text / image]
  • Aventis May Make Investors Queasy [text / image]
  • Prominent Scientists Break Away To Form Swiss Drug Company [text / image]
  • Alstom Names Former CEO Of Elf as Adviser to Chairman [text / image]
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Condé Nast Traveler Dow Jones Newswires
  • Looming French Election May Stall Needed Bioethics Laws [text / image]
  • FRENCH ELECTIONS: Big Generic Drug Makers May Pull Ahead [text / image]
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Barron's Online
  • Bulls Say Qualcomm Is Poised for More Gains [text]
  • Chips Intact Despite Taiwan Quake [text]
  • Some Sour on Semiconductor Equipment Stocks [text]
  • For 1999, Stick with the European Sunbelt [text]
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